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Melanie dos Remedios is a New Zealand based Contemporary Ceramic Artist.


Her work is primarily in stoneware and porcelain clay using wheel-thrown and hand-building techniques.

Melanie specialises in contemporary limited edition high-end dishware and at times works extensively within the hospitality industry commercially. Taking a step back from commercial commitments, she is presently expanding on her sculptural ceramics. Recreating everyday items turning porcelain to furniture or shelves, and delving into nature by incorporating thought-provoking creations of reimagined flora, fauna, and anatomy.

Melanie carefully hand-crafts, glazes and fires each piece herself. She loves glaze chemistry and colour development, and at times colour plays a large part in her work. Melanie develops all her own glazes.

Her passion for clay began at senior school and eventually led to her studying Associate Diploma of Arts - Fine Arts majoring in Sculpture at Hamilton TAFE in Australia. She continued evening pottery classes at Waverley Woollahra Art School in Bondi, Sydney. And upon becoming consumed by making decided to commit to full-time study at Southern Sydney Institute of TAFE, Associate Diploma of Arts - Ceramics, in the mid-'90s.

Towards the end of her study, she was invited to work alongside an ex-lecturer, Robert Hawkins, in his handmade tile business, Volcano Clay. This period was a hugely rewarding time of her life as a maker.

Her love of learning has led her into working, studying and sometimes teaching in the Creative Arts field, as a Silversmith, in Fashion Design and Ceramics.

Melanie works under her maiden name, of Macanese (Portuguese/Chinese) heritage and lives on the South Island of New Zealand. Her studio is based in the heart of Dunedin City, a city rich in heritage, diverse in wildlife and distinctly quirky and fun.