Dimpled Pourer

Dimpled Pourer


These pourers were production thrown for a restaurant. I always make a little more than needed for those just in case situations.

They are the perfect pourer for the dinner table or while cooking.

Maybe the must-have addition for milk or cream while serving tea or coffee.

Dimple placement is just the right place for comfort and grip.

These spouted pourers have been hand thrown on the pottery wheel using a white clay body.

High-fired in a smooth white food-safe Buttermilk glaze.

Price is per item: there are 4 pourers available.

Option A

  • Holds 180 ml
  • Height - 9 cms tall
  • Ø Base  - 6.5 cms

Option B

  • Holds 180 ml
  • Height - 10 cms tall
  • Ø Base - 6 cms


Food, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Product Care.

*All glazes have been developed by Melanie and have been tested for leaching and durability, they meet the criteria to be food-safe and dinnerware safe. The glaze formula is balanced. 


Due to the inherent nature of handmade pottery, variance in size, shape, and finish is to be expected and embraced. These pieces are dishwasher safe, to safeguard their appearance and ensure a lifetime of use we recommend handwashing.