Frilled Bud Vase

Frilled Bud Vase


A petite standout bud vase. It's the vase that wants to be noticed.

This vase has been hand thrown on the pottery wheel in a speckled mid-fire buff clay. The speckles are granular Manganese that has bled through to the glaze surface.

The side frills have been hand constructed and placed on opposite sides of the vase body.

Finished in a white satin-smooth Moon glaze.

  • Height to top of vase body - 8.5 cms tall
  • Height to top of frill - 10 cms tall


Product Care.

*All glazes have been developed by Melanie and have been tested for leaching and durability, they meet the criteria to be food-safe and dinnerware safe. The glaze formula is balanced.


Due to the inherent nature of handmade pottery, variance in size, shape, and finish is to be expected and embraced. These pieces are dishwasher safe, to safeguard their appearance and ensure a lifetime of use we recommend handwashing.


**Manganese dioxide is considered toxic in dust and gas form or when used directly on rims of cups and bowls. It is accumulative toxicity. Extreme care and testing have been done to ensure no leaching occurs when this clay body is used to make surfaces for food or beverages. As this product is a non-food surface potential leaching is irrelevant. However, you will be pleased to know the vast majority of manganese granules are encapsulated within the clay matrix. The tiny percentage of granules that are exposed at the surface are enveloped by the glaze significantly diluting and stabilising any leaching by the glaze melt that surrounds them. This clay body contains less than 0.2% manganese dioxide, considerably well below toxic threshold.