Everyday Handmade - Wednesday

  • Started Mar 17
  • 250 New Zealand dollars

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In this five-lesson course, you will make a range of useful items for your home. From a citrus juicer to a butter bell. A colander/sieve and a soap dish. It is a fun class and perfect for the beginner to intermediate level who enjoy a challenge. This hand-building course runs 1 evening a week for five-lessons over a six-week period. The class duration is 3 hours, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Wednesday. In this 5 lesson course with Melanie, you will get to experience various hand-building techniques. This course is a perfect opportunity to develop the feeling of working with clay and begin to master construction. Working with the foundation methods of - pinch pot and coiling techniques and slab hand-building through this structured design development course. At week four, you will ready your pieces for bisque firing. Then a break of one week, so we can work our magic drying and bisque firing your pieces for your return. After the break, the next lesson is glazing day, where you will learn how to apply glaze to finish your pieces, ready for the glaze firing. Glaze day is the final class in this course and begins half an hour earlier than the previous lessons from 5:30 pm until 9 pm. You will end up with 4 beautifully complete useful pieces for your home. • Tool use is provided for this class. • Clay is included in this class. Any additional clay needed will need to be purchased separately. • Firings are based on weight. A user-pays system, $10.00 per kilogram weight and payable before students collect their finished pieces. The firing fee is inclusive of bisque and glaze firing. Your hand-building instructor for this lesson will be Melanie dos Remedios. Melanie is the Studio Black Clay Centre director and an exhibiting ceramic artist and practising potter under her own name. She is a committed educator who believes in sharing experience to create community: tertiary education, Ass Dip Arts - Fine Arts, Ass Dip Arts - Ceramics. *Please check the course dates carefully as there are no refunds or make-up lessons for missed classes. **Studio Black Clay Centre also offers pottery throwing classes.

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CLASS ENROLMENT AND REFUND POLICY **Please note the additional COVID-19 clause effective immediately. REFUND POLICY • A full refund (minus $25 administration fee) will be given if you cancel up to 3 weeks before the class start date. • A 50% refund will be given if you cancel up to 2 weeks (14 days) BEFORE the class start date. • NO refund will be given if your cancellation occurs within the 2 week period BEFORE the class start date. ALL REFUNDS WILL INCUR A 2.9% STRIPE PROCESSING FEE. • Tuition fee is due in full at time of registration. This s